365 . . . and Counting

"Cracks In The System" - Chukes

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Alex Alferov

Yrneh Brown

Nancy Buchanan


Carol Colin

Kathi Flood

Graham Goddard

Miguel Angel Murillo

CCH Pounder

Suzanne Siegel

Joseph Sims

Charles Swenson

Richard Turner

Mark Vallen

Ted Waltz

The year 2008 was historic in the fact that a Black American became our 44th President. We have asked our artists to demonstrate how they perceive the first year, the honeymoon period, of the Barack Obama Administration. He has taken office facing high expectations and immense challenges. Some questions we ask our "365" artists to consider are: Does race affect political choices, or is it more a class question? Have opportunities for minorities advanced? What about health care, the turmoil in the Middle East, the economy? Obama has declared a new spirit of engagement with the UN to confront global challenges, from climate change to nuclear proliferation. But is his foreign policy decisions an extension of Bush administration policy known for its political and international aggression? Our "365" artists tackle these challenging questions with works that are aesthetically profound and timely.

November 14 through December 6, 2009