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'No Entry' is a study for a series-in-process in kilnformed glass on the subject of doors, opportunities and things that are barred to us.  The individual can look and perceive what that means in his/her life and perhaps learn something about their own pysche.  I am a process artist devoted to what comes through in the moment, and I encourage others to do the same as they view my work.

"No Entry"- Julie Nagesh







"Juanito's Fiesta" - Antonio Sorcini

I titled this piece "Tahiti" because it has a sort of Gauguinesque quality reminiscent of some of the work he created there — particularly the woodcuts and carvings. I have not been to Tahiti, nor is it high on my list of places to visit. The woman is derived from some ancient figure drawing I made. It is carved from light hardwood in bas-relief, painted, then abraded until a few pleasing tones remained.

If you want to be analytical about it, I suppose you could say that the diagonal black swath on which she reclines represents her solid condition, while the gold-tinged green triangles on either side suggest an advancing ethereal state.

"Tahiti" - Peter Hess






In Pacoima, the Mexican-American girls wore their hair teased up to 3"-4" and used white powder around their eyes.  Very 60's fashionable.

"60's Valley Girl" - K. Mas Gallegos


"Square - Not" - Stuart Rapeport