Saturday, April 11, 2009


The Ark in the Annex

Bite Me - Joe Bravo

April 11 is the day when the Blessing of the Animals takes place in Los Angeles.  To honor that day, The Avenue 50 Studio is holding an exhibit of pets and other animals mythologic and fantastic.   April 11 is our participation in the NELA Second Saturday Art Night so please join us for artwork of animals, mythological and fantastic creatures filling the walls of the Avenue 50 Annex.  The work will be up until May 3.

Participating artists include:  Isabel Martinez, Joe Botello, Steven Rivera, Karen Valderrama, Mavis Leahy, Joe Bravo, Sergio Vasquez, Ruth DeNicola, Douglas Alvarez, Heather Hoggan, Toti O’Brian, Stuart Rapeport, Sophia Gasparian, Victor Rosas, Peter Hess, Sue Li, Larry Vazeos, Cindy Suriyani, Nancy Romero, Raoul De La Sota, Richard Valdez, Poli Marichal, Dorette Amell, Stuart Bender, and Gerardo Hacer, among others.