- Blessings, Energy, Power


Obatala - Wendell Wiggins

Reception: Saturday, July 11, 2009 from 7-10 pm

Lili Bernard

Katie Elizabeth Brown

Eddy Bello-Sandoval


Ricardo Silveira Miró

Wendell Wiggins

Susan Matthews

Betty Kano

Gloria Longval

And an Elegua altar by Jorge Luis Rodriguez

The Yoruba religious beliefs and practices originated in Africa in Nigeria and Benin.  This is an ancient culture thousands of years old.  Brought to the New World through slavery, it gave birth to Santeria in Cuba.  Because of religious persecution, the Yoruba syncretised their religion with Catholicism to form what is now known as Santeria.

This upcoming July, the Avenue 50 Studio
will present an art exhibition celebrating the Yoruba traditions known as Santeria.  

July 11- August 2, 2009