Guadalupe Malintzin

The Virgin and the "Traitor"


Detail of "Indigenous Goddess" - Isabel Martinez


Mita Cuaron
Fabian Debora
Mercedes Gertz
Paola Gonzalez
Cidne Hart
Isabel Martinez
Raquel Martinez
Ester Petschar
Honorio Robledo
Guadalupe Rodriguez
Marianne Sadowski
Suzanne Siegel
Rebekah Tarin
J. Michael Walker

Opening Night Reception:  Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 7-10 pm

The Avenue 50 Studio is proud to present, Guadalupe Malintzin -- The Virgin and The “Traitor" featuring the artwork of Mita Cuaron, Fabian Debora, Mercedes Gertz, Paola Gonzalez , Cidne Hart, Isabel Martinez, Raquel Martinez , Ester Petschar, Honorio Robledo, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Marianne Sadowski, Suzanne Siegel, Rebekah Tarin, and J. Michael Walker.  Our exhibition explores the differences and similarities of these two iconic women symbols.  We take an artful look at what each woman represents as the “virgin” and the “bad girl”.

Malintzin and the Virgin of Guadalupe are both central feminine images migrating up from their Hispanic roots into the present day culture of the world around each of us. The more familiar and dominant image is the Virgin, the archetypal mother, always appearing pregnant and available for meeting the needs brought to her. The other, the more ambiguous one, Malintzin, is considered the archetypal traitor, the one who betrays her people when she serves as bridge to the next evolution of her culture. Both these feminine figures go to the heart and soul of Hispanic culture and both have immeasurable meaning and significance in all of our lives. One connects us to the security of the known, while the other meets us as we travel toward what is unknown and foreign.  Each in their own way reveals complexities and dimensions beyond what is generally thought and both have relevance to the paradoxes we encounter in lives that seem so distant from the living realities of these symbols of feminine essence. Their impact will be explored through art, conversations, and special talks opening to their psychological and aesthetic realities.”

                                                           -- Barry Miller, Ph.D, C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles

March 10 through April 8, 2012