And the Annex Presents:


Here is My Heart

50 Artists 50 Hearts for Sale

A mini-fundraiser for the Avenue 50 Studio



Opening Night Reception: Saturday, February 13, 2010 from 7-10 pm


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For our first fundraiser of the year, the Avenue 50 Studio asked 50 artists to paint, decorate or write poems on hearts that will sell in silent auction with opening bids of $100 each. The artist of each heart will not be identified during the exhibit. The hearts, of four distinct designs, are already formed from composite wood, approximately 8" x 9" and ready-to-hang. We would hope that you will join us in this special event.

Participating artists include:

Lalo Alcaraz, Katrina Alexy, Guillermo Bejerano, Kay Brown, Yrneh Brown, Nancy Bucanan, Mita Cuaron, Raoul De la Sota, Diane Destiny, Kiki Edder, Margaret Garcia, Graham Goddard, Pat Gomez, Yolanda Gonzalez, Lauren Gonzalez, Frank Gutierrez, Gerald Hacer, Lucy Hagopian, Cidne Hart, Kevin Hass, Amy Inouye, Jose Lopes, Paula Lopez, Robert Lowden, Jose Lozano, Heriberto Luna, Maja, Poli Marichal, Kathy Mas-Gallegos, Amyliah Mejia, Andrés E. Montoya, Beth Peterson, Ester Petschar, CCH Pounder, Stuart Rapeport, Sonia Romero, Nancy Romero, Abel Salas, Peter Shire, Suzanne Siegel, Rachel Siegel, Joe Sims, Annie Sperling, Stormie, Cindy Suriyani, Howard Swerdloff, John Paul Thornton, Richard Turner, Sergio Vasquez, Gisel Vincent-Osuna, Lemont Westmoreland, Mike Yanagita, Val Zavala