Continuing with our Black/Brown Dialogues:

“Lives at the Intersection”

Mely Barragán · Nathaniel Bustion · Pamela Davis · Jan Jackson · Jacobo Ramirez ·Oscar Sanabria

Curated by Dr. Gerda Govine Ituarte, Ed.D.


Artist in Discussion Panel moderated by Dr. Rebecca S. Rojas, Ph.D., faculty, Pacific Oaks College


Sunday, August 17, from 2 - 4 pm



Mely Barragán is one of the best contemporary artists in Mexico whose multi-media work has been exhibited in shows throughout Europe, Mexico, and the U.S.  Her work creates thought-evoking, spirited and diverse dialogue as she tackles women’s issues.

Nathaniel Bustion is a painter, sculptor, educator, philosopher and poet.  His work is universal stretching across Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and North America.  Nathaniel is considered one of the most gifted African American artists who creates visions that transcend time and place, touching one’s spirit and senses again and again.

Pamela Davis, photographer, was born and raised in East Los Angeles.  She attended Cal Arts and Otis Art Institute.  Her photographs beautifully illuminate everyday sightings

Jan L. Jackson, owner of Captured on Canvas Portrait and Design Studio is a multi-media artist who prefers creating portraits in oils.  Expressing movement and capturing “moments” is the heart of her creations.  Pamela produces a range of images with an emphasis on women.

Jacobo Ramirez is an emerging artist who creates artwork using multi-media, woodcut, photography, acrylic, drawings, and installation to make space for discourse across peoples and landscapes focusing on solutions and different ways of being.  His work is grounded in observations and experiences growing up in South Gate and attending UCLA.

Oscar Sanabria is a long-time East Los Angeles resident with roots in Guatemala.  He experienced “diversity” first-hand and was intrigued by the “other.”  The theme of identity is woven throughout Oscar’s work.  Dramatic and thoughtful, it is at the same time, startling. 

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