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Coming May 21, 2011


Make 'Em All Mexican

Artist Interview with Armando Duron



Saturday, May 21, 2011 from 4-6 pm

In 2010 while we were planning Linda Vallejo’s mid-career retrospective, I had my first glimps of her latest suite and the subject of this exhibition, Make’Em All Mexican. My immediate reaction was that not only did I get it, but it got me.  Rarely had I had such a strong visceral and emotional reaction to a work of art.  The works reached a more primordial part of my brain, one that I had not been in touch with for many years.


The images from Dick and Jane, the books that I had first seen in the third grade in East Los Angeles, came rushing back like ghosts from a childhood nightmare I didn’t know I had within me. But why—why were these innocent children suddenly so scary?  Linda Vallejo seeks to answer this and many more questions through the works in this groundbreaking exhibition.  -- Armando Duron

Light Refreshments Will Be Served