Avenue 50's Annex Gallery Presents:

Willie Middlebrook, 2009 COLA recipient and 2012 Durfee Awardee

Middlebrook — I OWN NIGGER!

Opening April 14, 2012 from 7-10 pm

We are saddened by the passing of Mr. Middlebrook during his very last exhibition.

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Art is about communication. I am obsessed with the need to communicate. I need to tell, to show, what I see, what I feel. I am intrigued & motivated by the life experience; the human condition. Photography is the tool I use to communicate my feelings. It (photography), helps me to hold, to seize for permanent record, every facet of life that comes before my eyes; from the beginning minutes, to those last fleeting seconds.

My work is based on a collaboration between the subjects I select to photograph and myself. My subjects; family and friends & I have an understanding of each other, an understanding, focused towards a single goal; to speak to and about our people, our communities.

My drive, my direction, my strong social and aesthetic convictions, from which everything that I do comes; stems from my parents endowing strong feelings about the ideals and the integrity of being Black. From the first time I picked up a camera I felt and still feel the need to reflect their world and my own; our sensibility. Thus the majority of what I do has and will always center around my people.

After spending almost all of my pre-adult and the majority of my adult life seeing negative, non-quality or no images at all, of my people, I decided that there was a need to direct my focus exclusively to producing great images of my people; not necessarily in a positive light, but always in a true light.
My focus is never limited, I seek to communicate to all, to all willing to listen.

Thank you for listening.     

 --Willie Middlebrook


April 14 through May 5, 2012

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