Our Lady of Controversy

Book Signing

Alma López and Alicia Gaspar de Alba



Friday, May 6, 2011 starting 6:00 pm

Highlighting many of the pivotal questions that have haunted the art world since the NEA debacle of 1988, the contributors to Our Lady of Controversy present diverse perspectives, ranging from definitions of art to the artist's intention, feminism, queer theory, colonialism, and Chicano nationalism. Contributors include the exhibition curator, Tey Marianna Nunn; award-winning novelist and Chicana historian Emma Pérez; and Deena González (recognized as one of the fifty most important living women historians in America).  Accompanied by a bonus DVD of Alma López's I Love Lupe video that looks at the Chicana artistic tradition of reimagining la Virgen de Guadalupe, featuring a historic conversation between Yolanda López, Ester Hernández, and Alma López, Our Lady of Controversy promises to ignite important new dialogues.


Chicana Matters Series: Deena J. González and Antonia Castañeda, editors

Pre-order your copy (with a $9.22 discount for paperback) from the University of Texas Press <> .  6 x 9 in. • 348 pp., 12 color and 34 b&w illus.