Saturday, March 3, 2007 @ 7:00 pm


Performers and collaborators: Dana Berk, Lyndsay Brill, Jennifer Jackson

Director and choreographer: Dorcas Román

Suggested donation $10

Directed and conceived by Dorcas Roman, "Perceptions" is a movement performance piece in which the idea of erotica is investigated. With the participation of Dana Berk, Lyndsay Brill and Jennifer Jackson, these performers embark in an exploration of body images and ideas of erotica and what it means to them. With different aesthetics and interpretations of what woman find sexy and erotic, themes of fantasy, desire, creation of different personas and movement landscapes will be investigated during the evening.

Time freezes, senses are awakened and the environment is observable, letting the audience be a voyeuristic part of the performance experience.

* * *

The Dorcas Román dancetheatre is a non- profit, multidisciplinary organization created to evoke and provoke cultural enrichment and appreciation of the arts. The company is strongly committed to the creation, promulgation, and presentation of performing arts in innovative and challenging ways. The company’s goal is to make dance, theater, and other performing arts accessible to communities, which generally would not have the opportunity to experience live art. It is also part of the company’s mission to create a link with different communities.

Although the company has a very strong link with the Puerto Rican community, The company is formed by a diverse group of artists from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, who want to make art accessible and essential to all communities. Art needs to be perceived not just as a privilege but as a necessity from which one we can create political, economic, sexual, racial, and social awareness as well as a way to explore our creativity and dreams to make this a better society.

Post performance reception with refreshments and wine