Saturday, September 27, 2008

On September 27, poets from across Southern California will gather for a benefit poetry marathon for Avenue 50 Studio in LA's Highland Park


From Daylight to Midnight ~ A Benefit Poetry Marathon



Marathon Schedule

10:00 am  to 11 am

hosted by Brendan Constantine

Abel Salas
Luis Rodriguez

11am to 12 pm

hosted by Brendan Constantine

Sesshu Foster
Gloria Alvarez
Amy Uyematsu
Keren Taylor

12pm to 1pm

hosted by Brendan Constantine

Holly Prado
Harry Northup

James Cushing
Luis Campos

1pm to 2pm

hosted by Brendan Constantine

Pam Ward
Peter J. Harris
Dennis Cruz

2pm to 3pm

hosted  by Don Newton and Laura Longoria for La Palabra:

Ari Robles
Adolfo Guzman Lopez
Carmen Vega

3pm to 4pm

hosted  by Steve Abee

Steve Abee
+ students
Iris Berry

4pm to 5pm

hosted by Laurel Ann  Bogen

Laurel Ann Bogen
Erica Erdman
Jennifer Lively
Peggy Dobreer
Cindy Woods

5pm to 6pm

Hosted by Terry Wolverton

Terry Wolverton
Yvonne M. Estrada
Donna  Frazier
Luis Alfaro

6pm to 7pm

Hosted by Conney Williams

Consuelo Flores
A.K. Toney
Corrie Greathouse
Saria Idana
Elena K. Bryne

7pm to 8pm

Hosted by Conney Williams

Stephanie Brown
Cassandra Love
Kate Durbin
Amaranth Borsuk
Eloise Klein Healy

8pm to 9pm

hosted by Jerry Garcia

Valley Contemporary Poets

Micheal C . Ford
Sarah Maclay
Rick Lupert
Theresa Antonia
Jerry Garcia

9pm to 10 pm

hosted by S.A. Griffin

S.A. Griffin
Cat B.
Doctor Mongo
Jack Brewer
Doug Knott
Jason Neese

10pm to 11pm

hosted by James Palacios

Orange County Poets:
G. Murray Thomas
Tattana Simonian
Mindy Netifee
Eric Morago

11pm to 12 am

hosted by S.A. Griffin

Leo Victor Briones
kalamity j
Pat Payne
Reina Prado
Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo
Judi Smolke

$10 donation includes all day admission


Hourly poetry book give away of books donated by Coffee House Press, Cahuenga Press, City Lights Books, Copper Canyon Press, Wesleyan University Press, Da Capo Press, University of Pittsburgh Press, Whitepine Press, Boa Editions, Ltd., Source Books, The University of Tampa Press, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., Kaya Press

Food, wine, coffee, dessert provided from local eateries: 

Las Cazuelas Restaurant, Palace Liquors of Glendale; Figueroa Produce; Arco Iris Mexican Restaurant; Porto's Bakery; Palermo Italian Restaurant; Antigua Bread & Coffee

Thank you to the following donors for helping to make our Poetry Marathon a success:  David Stowe and Margarita Perez, Mr. & Mrs. Don Newton, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Chavez

And we would also like to thank our volunteers for so generously offering their time and energy on the day of our Poetry Marathon:

Beverly LaFontaine
Pat Payne
Judi Smolker
Robert McMurrer
Reina Prado and students
Christina Amezquita
Ben Wegener

Alex Alba Hacker

Tatiana Duarte

Julie Zemel


Call 323-258-1435 for ticket information


For more information, email


Media sponsors: 


Ellis Martin Photography


Metro Gold Line accessible:  Avenue 50 Studio is between the Southwest Museum Station and the Highland Park Station