"I Dream of Juggling" - Rebecca Janes




Jurors:  Connie Rohman, curator and fiber artist; Kathy Gallegos, Director of Avenue 50 Studio

Honorary Juror and fiber artist Gloria Molina, LA County Supervisor will present the Juror's Choice Award

SAA Squared”, a small works fiber art exhibition, opens at the Los Angeles art gallery, Avenue 50 Studio on March 14th.  Extending through April 5th in the gallery’s main space, this unique fiber arts exhibition is sponsored by the Surface Art Association, an arts organization that promotes fiber art and provides support for local fiber artists.  The following artists will participate:

Nalia Aladdin Sanders, Madeline Bajracharya, Patt Blair, Shelly Brucar, Roberta Chalfy Miller, Phaedra Cheydleur, Joanell Connolly, Maureen M. Cox, Ann Darling, Raoul De La Sota, Jessica Drummond, Jamie Fingal, Dellis Frank, Georgia Freedman-Harvey, Gwen Freeman, Cicely Gilman, Sally Gould Wright, Cidne Hart, Marka Harwell-Bentley, Heather Hoggan, Ruby Horansky, Harumi Iida, Rebecca Janes, Gwen Jones, Georgianne Kandler, Jeanette Kelly, Smadar Knobler, Phillippa Lack, Linda Laird, Carol Larson, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Mary Ellen Latino, Sandra E. Lauterbach, Mavis Leahy, Ann Loveless, Pam Lowe, Regina Marzlin, Kathleen McCabe, Linda Miller, Uwimana Moore, Alison Muir, Diane Nunez, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Pamela Price Kiebaum, Janett Rice, Ann Ridge, Mary Beth Schwartzenberger, Cynthia St. Charles, Meredith Strauss, Deborah Thomas, Karen Valderrama, E. Vereycken, Binah Waite-Williams, Carol Ann Waugh, Deborah Weir

The “SAA Squared” exhibition gives the viewer a compelling introduction to fiber arts.

“There is a current explosion in the use of fiber and textiles in the field of contemporary art.  Fine artists are moving into fiber art because they can do things that they can’t with other mediums, and art quilters have moved away from their traditional roots to approach their work with an arts perspective”.

Connie Rohman, co-juror

Artists from all over the world were invited to create small fiber works that are 12” square.  Jurors Kathy Mas-Gallegos, director of Avenue 50 Studio, Connie Rohman, curator and fiber artist, and Honorary Juror and fiber artists Gloria Molina, LA County Supervisor, chose work from Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and Spain, as well as from all over the United States.