Secretos y Cartas de los Muertos

Secrets and Letters from the Dead

 Guest Curated by Barbara Carrasco

Jose Lozano

David Avalos, Laura Alvarez, Linda Arreola, Gloria Alvarez & Jose Lozano, Barbara Carrasco & Tiffany Ana Lopez, Mita Cuarón, Jorge del Toro, Ofelia Esparza, Harry Gamboa Jr., Margaret Guzmán, Jose Hernandez & Eloise Martinez, Leo Limón, Alma Lopez, Elizabeth Perez, Sandy Rodriguez, Nathalie Sanchez, Eloy Torrez, Cristina Miguel-Mullen, John Valadez


Opening Night Reception:  Saturday, October 11, 2008 from 7-10 pm



Artist reception images:

The Avenue 50 Studio presents our exhibition in honor of Dia De Los Muertos, “Secretos y Cartas de los Muertos”.  This innovative art exhibit has as its premise the intimate letters, some containing secrets, purportedly written by individuals who have passed on from the physical to the spiritual world.  With the traditional theme of Dia de los Muertos serving as the foundation, our artists have written and/or illustrated these new letter works revealing secrets.  Along side our visual artists, writers Tiffany Ana Lopez and Gloria Alvarez have worked collaboratively with several artists to create insightful letters from the dead. 


Letters written by our departed loved ones hold a special meaning for us as constant reminders of the lives they have led, and of their profound impact on our lives.  Some of us may live in fear of our secrets being exposed, while others are secure in knowing that no one will ever know what our secrets might be.  What if we were given the opportunity to discover and reveal secrets or letters from those who are longer with us? 


The text and images in this exhibition will allow our artists to reveal Secretos y Cartas de los Muertos. 


October 11, 2008 through November 2, 2008