Book Release Talk and Party


Community, Vision and Power


By Michael Liu, Kim Geron and Tracy Lai

Lexington Books, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008  2:00 pm

Avenue 50 Studio, Inc.
131 N. Avenue 50

Los Angeles, CA  90042


(Free parking is accessed by the left side of the Gallery)

Speakers: Michael Liu and Kim Geron

Finally, a book about the Asian American community movements of the late twentieth century, written by activist-organizers in those struggles!
A new history of Asian American activism reinterprets the lessons and legacies of the Asian American movement.  The book describes the movement’s dramatic impact on the direction of Asian American political and social activity beginning in the 1960s, particularly in terms of neighborhood redevelopment, civil rights, international solidarity, and the Jesse Jackson presidential campaigns.  The history recounts the development of a vision for structural change and its character as a social movement that has effects and lessons for today.

Chronicling something as broad and complex as the Asian American movement is a daunting task.  In this important book, Michael Liu, Kim Geron, and Tracy Lai take on this challenge and deliver a thorough, insightful, and engaging account. They navigate the twists and turns, successes and failures of the movement while never losing sight of its ‘soul,’ which inspired and inspires activists past and present.”

          —Paul Y. Watanabe, University of Massachusetts–Boston

“The Snake Dance of Asian American Activism illuminates the historical significance of the social movement for equality and political inclusion of Asian Americans during the late twentieth century. Drawing from extensive primary sources and interviews, the authors show how Asian American identity politics were integrally connected to radical demands for structural change in society. As recounted by participants and eye witnesses, the American movement brought about progressive change in ethnic neighborhoods and on college campuses, creating new forms of contentious politics and participatory democracy, while infusing progressive themes into an awakening Asian American culture and arts movement. More than previously published accounts of this movement, this work shows the movement’s deep connections to ordinary working people and their day-to-day concerns. This book will do much to advance needed intergenerational dialogue about how the goals of social justice popularized by the Asian American movement can be effectively pursued in our time.”

—Carolyn Wong, Carleton College

Michael Liu is a senior research associate and community programs coordinator at the Institute for Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. He is a co-founder and current supporter of the Asian American movement ezine at
Kim Geron is associate professor at California State University-East Bay.  He is Vice-President of the statewide California Faculty Association.  Kim formerly was a rank-and-file activist in the Hotel and Restaurant Workers Local 11 in Los Angeles.

Tracy Lai is a tenured historian at the Seattle Central Community College.

Driving Directions:  From Los Angeles: take the 110 North; exit on Ave. 52 going left; turn left on Figueroa; right on Ave. 50. Parking is accessible on the left side of the gallery.

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