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Claro Oscuro: Metaphors

Recent paintings by

Raoul De la Sota
Andrés Montoya

Exhibition Dates:  April 9, 2005 – May 23, 2005

Artists’ Reception, Saturday, April 9, 2005, 7-10 pm

The Avenue 50 Studio is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Highland Park artist Raoul De la Sota and Honduran-born Andrés Montoya. Color reigns in this exhibition, as these painters produce works that are both spiritually engaging and poetically quixotic.

De la Sota’s passionately painted images of sacred mountains and the cosmic sky draw us into a world of reverence for things greater than ourselves, where ancient beliefs and influences develop into a mystical awe.  His painterly approach, deep vibrant colors and spiritual richness reinforce our love of the visual.

"I've been painting mountains for over 45 years with the same reverence as I had when I climbed them.  I'm in awe of them still but more so now since I'm more knowledgeable of their cultural context.  My brilliant color refers to that spiritual awe."

-- Raoul De la Sota


Emerging artist Andrés Montoya’s colors seduce and transport the canvas surface to produce a body of work that is personal and intense.  As we look at each painting, we lose ourselves in the color fields that the artist imbues in his work. Rich with mysterious insight, the emotional soul of Montoya’s work is found in its enigmatic mood -- at times melancholic, at times dark.

As De la Sota and Montoya observe and respond to the visual and hidden world of the spirit, they present to us deeply felt, yet vibrantly colored, sacred visions and emotional circumstance – the claro oscuro of our human condition.

Artist Reception:

Date:                    Saturday, April 9, 2005
Time:                   7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Place:                   Avenue 50 Studio, 131 N. Avenue 50, Highland Park, CA  90042 (323) 258-1435