Circulo Magico/Magical Circus
Mixed Media Assemblaged Theaters
Armando Arreola
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"I have always wanted to be a magician. These small theaters allow me to play that role."

Photos of the Opening Night Reception


The Avenue 50 Studio is proud to present its February exhibition, Circulo Magico/Magical Circus by assemblage artist Armando Arreola. With material obsession, Armando Arreola creates small diorama theater scenes of magicians at work. Among the 14 theaters, we see the sword swallower, the lady being sawed in half, and the woman levitated over fire– while the small audience delights in the magic of the magician. We are drawn into the tiny magical world of Armando Arreola. He obviously delights in assembling his dioramas (and probably smiles or laughs while creating them). All would be upbeat, except for one factor: smudged faces with matted hair adorns each participant. We've walked into Arreola's slightly dark world – not bloody, not violent – a Ray Bradbury novel-like world. There is magic here, as we play voyeur peering through side windows, or from the top of the theater. But isn't that what originally a circus was supposed to be? Strange, mysterious, other worldly. Circulo Magico is actually very charming. The children will love it, and so will adults.

February 12 through March 6, 2011

And the Annex Presents:

~~ Love Vibes ~~

The Avenue 50 Studio has invited the following artists who are single to submit artwork for our Annex Gallery Valentine Exhibition ~ Love Vibes

Antonio Pelayo
Cordellus Smith
Dennis Mendez
Deborah Thomas
Elizabeth Strozewski
Orestes Gonzalez
Kristy Sandoval

Linda Estrada
Lisa CabreraKiki Eder
Joe Bravo
John Urquiza
Ann MadmanRaul Baltazar
Robert Jauregui
Sophia Gasparian
Wendell Wiggins
Kacy Treadway
Steven Lopez
Tom OliverToti O'Brien
Yana Nirvana
Ruben Martinez, Jr.

February 12 through March 6, 2011


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