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Emerging voices from L.A.s visual art scene


July 23, 2003 -- The Avenue 50 Studio and the 4th Annual Latin Alternative Music Convention (“LAMC”) will team up to present fresh visual art and Latin music for an event entitled, “Oiga”.  This celebration of youthful L.A. style features the quirky, comic inspired work of emerging visual artists Aaron Martinez, Ronald J. Llanos, Brendan Monroe, and Robert Bellm – and a free concert by East L.A. Sabor Factory and Domingo Siete.


  • Saturday, August 16, 3-6 p.m.  East L.A. Sabor Factory, Domingo Siete, followed by spinning by DJ Phillip Charles
  • Saturday, August 16, 6-9 p.m. Artists’ Reception for Aaron Martinez, Ronald J. Llanos, Brendan Monroe, and Robert Bellm
  • Where:  The Avenue 50 Studio, 131 N. Avenue 50, Highland Park, CA  90042 (323) 258-1435; ave50studio@msn.com


Martinez, Llanos, Monroe and Bellm employ illustrative techniques to reflect the influence of L.A. and its impact on their own duality and mortality.  Though sharing a Latino heritage, Martinez, Llanos and Monroe’s work is several layers removed from the Chicano art movement.  Interestingly, it is Bellm who incorporates Spanish words into his stylized paintings, demanding viewers to listen – oiga – to the voice of his anonymous “everyman.”

Martinez, Llanos, Monroe, and Bellm capture the essence and energy of Los Angeles that is equally reflected by the bands east L.A. Sabor Factory and Domingo Siete.  East L.A. Sabor Factory combines a driving rhythm that flows from salsa to hip-hop, cumbias to merengue, funk to reggae and rock, then back again.  Domingo Siete, fronted by gifted vocalist/composer Claudia Tenorio, finds inspiration in the sones of Cuba and Mexico as well as the emerging sounds of East L.A. to create richly textured – and highly danceable – rhythms.  The band has opened for Los Lobos, Quetzal, Ozomatli and legendary musician Compay Segundo of Buenavista Social Club fame.

Both bands’ performances at the Avenue 50 Studio are a great addition to an exciting line-up for the LAMC.  Featuring the hottest bands in the genre as well as many of the music industry’s leading decision-makers, LAMC will be held at the Merv Griffin Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.  Industry panels, concerts and parties will be held on August 14 and 15 at various locations throughout the City.  For line-ups, schedules, online information, and convention registration, go to www.latinalternative.com.  For sponsorship and registration, call (818) 763-1397 or email info@latinalternative.com.  Press and media information, contact (323) 933-2069 or jnorek@latinalternative.com.

Exhibition Dates:  August 2-August 31.  Curated by Jennifer Rowland, formerly of Gallery Figueroa.

Hours:  Tuesdays through Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 12 noon; Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.