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Antonio Gomez Bueno, Spain Arturo Mallmann, Argentina Eloy Torrez,
June 19-July 17, 2004
Artists' Reception, June 19, 2004

The Avenue 50 Studio is pleased to present of three Latino artists from three separate continents. Gomez Bueno from Santander, Spain, Arturo Mallmann from Argentina and Eloy Torrez from the U.S. Stylistically different, these artists invest their paintings with tenacity and proficient skill.

Gomez Bueno's work encapsulates and overlaps genres. Linking fine art to commerce, his past pieces jumped from the state of spiritual counseling to fashion shows, surf & skateboards, classical art and portraiture. Iconoclastic, tongue in cheek, the ideas in his universe play with the conceptual and the quotidian. Gomez Bueno has exhibited in Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, England, Mexico, Japan and the U.S. Published works include Gomez Bueno Predicador and Gomez Bueno for President.

Mallmann's examination of the world is filtered through a sense of wonder and poetic thought. The atmospheric images embody the process of questing through a realm of chaos, transforming it into an entity of light and profound beauty. The use of wooden panels as his canvas, becomes visual metaphors for the exploration of self-discovery and awareness.

Eloy Torrez begins his work with the investigations of an individual character. This spontaneous or magnetic impulse emanates from that persona. Narrative elements and a sense of intimus imbue the paintings with perceptions endemic to Los Angeles. Best known for his monumental tribute mural to Anthony Quinn at the Victor Clothing Store on 3rd St. and Broadway in Downtown L.A., and the Hollywood High School Mural, completed in 2003, he has also executed other murals in the Southern California area. Torrez studio paintings, from the collection of Cheech Marin & Patti Heid, can be viewed in such exhibits as Chicano Visions: American Painters now touring the U.S.

These world-class painters epitomize all that is distinctive, recalcitrant and exemplary in art.