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2006  Events



    12/17/06 Holiday Sale and Fundraiser


    12/17/06 Posada for Immigrant Rights


   11/19/06 Arroyo Arts Collective 14th Annual Discovery Tour


  11/19/06 Help Robert Gutierrez Get To Paris


    11/11/06 Get Wired -- Make your own Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry Workshop

  10/19/06 Exhibiting in Alternative Spaces While You're Waiting for the Louvre to Call

  10/18/06 Conversations on Conscientious Objection with the parents of Lt. Ehren Watada

  10/14/06 Miccailhuetonti -- Spirit of the Children

  10/8/06 Martinis and Magnets - Hosted by Sandra Tsing Loh

   10/1/06 La Palabra - Our monthly poetry event featuring poet Teresa Antonia


    9/30/06 Arts Tune Up -- Arts Information for Individual Artists & Small Budget Organizations


9/10/06 La Palabra - Our monthly poetry event featuring poet Mary Torregrossa


    9/8/06 A Guide to Art Protection -- Presented by the California Lawyers for the Arts 

   9/9/06 Sonia Romero - Debut Solo Show


 8/12/06 Rollin' Deep -- Lost Marbles Collective -- Live music: The Runs, Wolf, Cobalt Blue; Poetry: Busstop Prophet, Kevin Storm, Stoven Freezer; Art

 8/09/06 La Palabra -
Our monthly poetry event featuring poet Consuelo Flores


  8/05/06 Starry Night In Highland Park --
Fundraiser for the Avenue 50 Studio at the MorYork Gallery


  7/09/06 La Palabra -
Our monthly poetry event featuring poet Roger Taus


  7/08/06 Holy Nuptials: A Survey of Artwork Based on the Theme of Marriage, Guest Curator Jose Lozano

  6/10/06 Pandora's Box- A Jewelry Truck Show featuring artistic jewelry from Highland Park's local designers

  5/27/06 Communication/Consumption - New work from Val Echavarria and Samantha Harrison

  5/07/06 La Palabra - Our monthly poetry event featuring poet Lisa Marie Sandoval


  4/29/06 Gente y Tierra - A fundraiser for the South Central Gardens


  4/08/06 Drum Circle, Eastern and Flamenco Dance (in conjunction with "La Diosa: Rapture of the Goddess")


  3/30/06 Lecture -- "Reclaiming the Goddess: Xicana Interpretation of La Diosa" by Yreina Cervantez and "The Virgin of Guadalupe: How Cortez Brought the Apocalypse to Mexico" by Susana Bautista


3/18/06 La Diosa: Rapture of the Goddess

 3/11/06 Patria Jacobs in Concert at the Avenue 50 Studio


 2/26/06 Lecture -- The Body, Sexuality and Spirituality with Lara Medina, Associate Professor of Chicano/a Studies at Cal State Univ., Northridge


2/11/06 And Now For Something Newd, Guest Curator J. Michael Walker

  1/12/06 Artist Forum -- Don't Talk About Religion or Politics

  1/7/06 Don't Talk About Religion or Politics: Guest Curator Mark Vallen